Tazy Phyllipz is to ska what Anne Rice is to vampires, the world would just not be the same without them (ok, my world would not be the same without them). Either way, Tazy has been in the ska scene since 1989 and created the radio show Ska Parade featuring little known bands like No Doubt and Sublime before anyone knew about them. He has been instrumental in the broadcasting of many ska bands and quite simply there would be no scene in the West Coast if it wasn’t for him.

I remember Ska Parade when it would come out on KSPC, the Pomona College radio station every Sunday back in the late 90’s and that’s how I found out about so many ska bands like The Robustos, Dance Hall Crashers, Let’s Go Bowling, Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior All Stars, Phyllis Dillon, Jeffrey’s Fan Club and many many more.

Over the years, he’s included more and more genres into the mix but the focus is still on ska, now on KUKQ from 9pm to 11pm, also on Sunday.

Today he’s launched a campaign to fund his book about his adventures in the ska world and its surrounding genres. His indiegogo campaign describes the book as “a non-stop collection of historic, personal, hilarious, and serious stories.”

So if you’re curious about the man who has contributed so much to the West Coast ska scene, and I’d even dare say the world ska scene, and just rock and roll in general, show some support on indiegogo and like Ska Parade on facebook.

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So this is my blog about basically being me and my adventures as a struggling writer, and mother to my beautiful and dangerously smarter than me daughter. My birth name is Denise but my friends call me Mini so this is basically why I've decided to call this blog De Mini Says. Sometimes I get things right, sometimes I get them utterly wrong, either way this is my attempt at making sense of it all. Since I enjoy music, art, technology, women's issues and cartoons, I also write about that and whatever comes up.

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