If you haven’t watched “Endgame,” (Or “Age of Ultron”) don’t read this.
Black widow aka Natasha Romanoff held the MCU together in a carefully constructed web, yet they killed her off in “Endgame” like a spider in their pantry.
She gave so much to Iron Man and Captain America and she met her end without so much as a wake or burial. A couple of tears from Steve Rogers and Hulk throwing a bench. That was it.Here are a few reasons why the MCU did Black Widow wrong:

Romance with Hulk
You’re gonna tell me that just because she was able to calm him down that’s enough for her to feel something for him? Women, please raise your hand if you’ve ever had to calm a man down? Did that make you fall in love? No? Thank you. I saw no chemistry between them. Zero.

Her death
I’m not saying her death came out of left field or that it didn’t make sense. Yes, hawkeye has a family and of course their friendship made either of them willing to sacrifice themselves for each other and for the world. Not to mention she would do it because she is ultimately a hero, an avenger. But let’s be real, Black Widow is more important to the MCU timeline than Hawkeye could ever hope to be.
I get it, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow were the main three and they are all now gone, it makes sense. But both male heroes each got at least two movies (“Captain America: Civil War” could be considered more than just a Captain America movie but I digress). Black Widow is still set to get one, (they have a writer and director) but either way it’s like giving her scraps. An origin story when she’s already dead? Thanks, you shouldn’t have gone to all the trouble! (Unless somehow they bring her back but I doubt that)

That scene with all the women heroes… without her
That is in my opinion the worst offense that Endgame did. Black Widow walked so Valkyrie, Okoye and Captain Marvel could run. And she doesn’t get to be in it!?!?!?!

I’m not the only one that feels this way. Someone else had even more issues with “Endgame” and its storytelling of women.

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