If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad, be warned, this is my review of the film completely full of spoilers.

First of all I really enjoyed it, it was a really fun popcorn film, and I had a good time.

Was it perfect? Far from it, if you start looking in, there are many issues with the film, particularly the story and the villain, who in the beginning Enchantress is quite scary and you wonder how they’re going to eliminate her and then all of a sudden Rick Flag just crushes her heart and she disappears.

Really? That’s all he had to do and she would die? Why didn’t Amanda Waller do that when she realized it was Enchantress trying to destroy the world? She didn’t know it was her? I don’t know, I feel like that was the movie’s weakest moment.

Mark Ellis from Collider said she looked like Axl Rose in the 80s dancing around in her sexy outfit and I couldn’t agree more. It was a very lame third act.

Except of course, for Diablo, him turning into an Aztec fire warrior was so bad a++ I really enjoyed it, then when he tells Enchantress’ brother “Ya te chingaste” it was like a cherry on a sundae.

I thought Margot Robbie was amazing as Harley Quinn. She was the personification of Harley, she did right by me. There is no mistake in her acting, I am very very grateful for her performance, I am very pleased with every scene she had. I believe the devotion she has to the Joker. My heart is happy and singing.

I am so happy they at least showed them in the classic Harley Quinn outfit and the Joker in a suit dancing together [update: this is from the cover by Alex Ross of “Batman: Harley Quinn” from 1999]. I did not like her outfit very much. Some of it was fine, it was a little too revealing, maybe unnecessarily so but I get it at the same time.

I thought they showed her bottom one time too many. I thought the first two times were fine, appropriate. I’m not saying it’s wrong to admire Robbie’s body, but I think the third time when she’s stepping out of the elevator was already too much, at that point it was exploitation and not a sexy moment. That was one moment that bothered me.

The other moment that bothered me and it bothered me the most was when Slipknot gets out of the car and one of the female agents tells him something and he punches her. That would have been fine but then he says “she’s got a mouth.” That’s what really bothered me. If it had been a man who told him something and he punched him and he said that, would that comment have made sense? Or was it the fact that it was a woman that was apparently “funny”?

Jared Leto as the Joker was ok. I was a little disappointed to be honest because I guess since I’d heard about how much time he had dedicated to the role. But I will wait on my judgement of his performance when David Ayer’s cut comes out and also hopefully when they produce Harley’s own film. I know a lot of his scenes ended up in the cutting floor and even scenes which remained were not edited correctly in my opinion. Some of them felt like in the middle of a scene, like there’s parts missing.

He did however look creepy and he did disturb me, which I guess is what t

I thought the fact that he electrocutes Harley was actually very interesting, it is one of the few scenes where it shows him being obviously evil and violent towards her and it defines their relationship. I always have trouble thinking how could someone possibly be in love with The Joker and that scene helps explain a little bit although before she was already flirting with him, so the attraction was there already. Plus I think she was already a little crazy to begin with, so the Joker pushing her to the edge makes sense. Their whole relationship makes perfect sense in their crazy world and in this film.

Harley’s interaction with Deadshot was also great. In “Batman: Assault on Arkham” (Spoiler on that animated film coming up, skip to next paragraph if you haven’t seen it—————————————————————————–) they have a little affair going on and even though in this one they’re really just friends, you can see the bond they have with each other which is nice.

Him “missing” his shot despite Waller saying she will let him go (which let’s be real, no one bought it) was a nice human moment to the story.

Viola Davis is a really good actress and I think she did the best she could, but I don’t feel she really brought Amanda Waller to life for me. I just didn’t see her evilness, yes even after her shooting her employees/interns. Maybe it was her script but I just did not buy her performance, sorry.

They tried and somewhat achieved the point that these people are bad guys but at the same time, they are also human beings who simply made mistakes. Again, the script could have been better at driving that point.

David Ayer’s direction was good, his writing not so much, which is surprising considering End of Watch was such an awesome film, but I will also wait on his own cut to make my final judgement.

All in all I think it was a great film, I really enjoyed it, probably because I just really like the characters, I really like how they fit Harley and Joker’s story in there and yes the villain was weak and the story was weak but it was still really fun to watch.



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