Saosin at Fox Theater, Pomona. June 6, 2014.

Saosin at Fox Theater, Pomona. June 6, 2014.

It’s been ten years since Anthony Green left Saosin. Fans have been waiting for a miracle to make that reunion happen and it finally did. At the Fox Theater last Friday in Pomona, everyone at the sold out show was aware of the electricity surrounding the wooden venue.

The opening bands played to an excited, antsy crowd eager to see the reunion. The first songs of the openers In Transmission were interesting but after a long dragging song, the crowd tired of them. An exhausted attendee

Saosin, Fox Theater June 6, 2014

Saosin, Fox Theater June 6, 2014

exclaimed “how much more?” making everyone laugh. “Sorry, we didn’t mean to put everybody to sleep,” their singer said.

The second opening band was the Night Riots whose music was more upbeat and their singer Travis Hawley was a combination of Morrissey and Brandon Flowers from the Killers. They played more songs than the headliner. But that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that Green only released the EP “Translating the Name” with Saosin; a total of four songs which were the only ones from the band’s repertoire he sang last Friday.They were the four songs hundreds had wanted to hear since 2004.

It’s not that Saosin with second singer Cove Reber didn’t attract new fans. But there is a distinct musical border between the Green and Reber eras. Under Reber, the band released two full length albums and two EPs.

Green joined Circa Survive after leaving the Newport Beach band and moved back east. He has said he left Saosin due to depression, being home sick and musical differences. Whatever the reason, Green and bassist Chris Sorenson started talking after Saosin kicked out Reber in 2010 and once they found the right time; the reunion became a reality.

Green’s demeanor was thankful, pleasantly surprised and humbled at the sold out Pomona show, one of the five performances in their brief West Coast tour. “It means so much to me that these songs mean as much to you as to me,” he said to the crowd. Even though Green left ten years ago, the majority of the attendants were young adults who were around ten years old when he was in the band originally.

The audience was divided by those of who listened silently and those who jumped along the riffs and yelled out the lyrics. Listening to “Mookie’s Last Christmas” and “Lost Symphonies” with Green might or might not happen again, but the two new songs they added to their performance, one closer to Circa Survive and another that’s right where they left off are a promising  though small glimpse of a future.

Green has bands Circa Survive, The Sounds of Animals Fighting and family to keep him busy but Sorenson and company have been patient. They had collaborated with Tilian Pearson and recorded a few songs after they kicked out Reber in 2010 but he ultimately joined Dance Gavin Dance in 2012.

It would have been a treat if Green had decided to tackle some of the songs the band has with Cove but he had warned that wouldn’t happen.   Green apologized on stage to Beau Burchell, Justin Shekoski, Sorenson and Alex Rodriguez. “I’m sorry, my bad, my b,” he said as he turned to each of them. The public apology was like a collective healing after years of rumors surrounding their separation puzzled fans.

Who knows the extent of their collaboration, but for now it is evident they are enjoying their time together. “I want to thank all those who kept asking me to make this happen at every show I played at,” Green said.”In some way you’re all part of this.”


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