I’m not into music as much as before. Mainly because my time is spent with the daughter watching “Daniel Tiger” and reading, working, going to the park and washing dishes every now and then. But this year I feel like making my own top songs of 2013 because De Mini Says So:

10. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell, “Get Lucky”

I’m listing this song because it was impossible to ignore. Not because I really liked it but it’s one of those songs that was everywhere and it got stuck in my head more than twice. This year was all about dance songs, with the 70s and 80s just invading every aspect of culture. Then my partner said it applies to tired parents that have to wait until the child(ren) go to sleep to “get lucky” and the song suddenly had a completely new meaning.

9. Fall Out Boy “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”

I know. I should not like this song. I first heard it when I saw the video and I was disgusted. Especially coming from an album called “Save Rock and Roll,” I mean pretentious much? Then I heard it when it came out on “The Originals” teaser from CW and it was over. So now this song reminds me of Klaus and I can’t help myself.

8. HAIM, “The Wire”

I’d heard of this band but didn’t really think to check them out until they came out on SNL and I was pleasantly surprised. Their performance was full of quirky faces that earned them some criticism because “it made them look ugly” according to twitter mentions. Because I mean, a woman performing can not look ugly people! It’s just not rock and roll! Wait… Oh yeah guys make weird faces when they’re playing all the time and it’s no big deal. Anyway, the song rocks and these ladies rock and they remind me of The Cars a little.

7. Grouplove “Ways To Go”

This is one of those songs that I don’t really get into at first but somehow they make me curious about and then I realize it’s pretty good.

6. Fitz and The Tantrums “Out of My League”

This song is infectious, so 80s but done the right way and it’s just a cute song that makes me happy. Don’t hear it too often though, it will get ruined quick.  

5. La Santa Cecilia “Monedita”

Most of the songs on my list are in English but like I said I haven’t really been connected to the music world and for “rock en espanol,” radio only plays the really really famous acts. Anyway, I did manage to find La Santa Cecilia after I kept seeing their name mentioned everywhere from my musically inclined friends from facebook so I checked them out and this is their catchiest song but it’s also full of content and is a critique on consumer society that is willing to go into debt to “look good”. Their song “Ice El Hielo” deserves honorable mention as well, especially because of its lyrics that describe the hardships of immigration.

4. The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather”

Every other state hates on Southern Cali because we have the sun all the time and people wear shorts in December. My partner and I always talk about leaving because it’s overcrowded but we have to admit the weather is great. We loved leaving in Long Beach and will go back there once we have enough money but we rarely went to the actual beach, so I loved that line in this song: “I hate the beach but I stay in California with my feet in the sand.” Sand is kind of messy and then there’s lots of people but leaving close to the beach is still nice.

Musically this song is also quite delightful. The old school feeling and beat is calming and breezy.

3. Capital Cities “Safe and Sound”

That electric drum in the beginning is just hilariously awesome. I would have made fun of this song if this was say 1999 but it isn’t and it’s time to dance! I like to dance, I may not like electronic music much but this is fine. I can dance this all night.

2. Lorde, “Royals”

There’s an old world feeling to Lorde’s voice. I don’t know how she accomplishes that given her young age but I applaud it. I was surprised to like this song because I don’t really like rap but my partner reassured me this was not rap but rather more like dub so that’s much better. It’s also basically just pop but I’ve made my peace with liking pop, because I do believe there is good pop and this is a good example. Either way it’s a great song and the lyrics aren’t bad either. In fact one of the reasons I don’t like a lot of rap is because all they talk about is precisely because of everything Lorde criticizes in this song and it doesn’t just happen in rap of course, any rock star that starts talking about how hard it is to be rich and famous and decadent isn’t attractive.

1. Arctic Monkeys, “Do I Wanna Know?”

My partner told me about this song first because he knew I would like it but I didn’t really pay much attention. He knows what I like more than I do sometimes. It’s this weird thing that happens when you spend too much time with someone. Anyway, I love this song, it’s the best Arctic Monkeys song I’ve heard. I feel like they have certainly improved their sound. That guitar riff is just killer. It is certainly the best song this year.

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So this is my blog about basically being me and my adventures as a struggling writer, and mother to my beautiful and dangerously smarter than me daughter. My birth name is Denise but my friends call me Mini so this is basically why I've decided to call this blog De Mini Says. Sometimes I get things right, sometimes I get them utterly wrong, either way this is my attempt at making sense of it all. Since I enjoy music, art, technology, women's issues and cartoons, I also write about that and whatever comes up.

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