I thought I was lucky when my husband showed no interest in sports. Great! I thought, I won’t have to watch endless games of whatever team and whatever championship. I did not know that he liked cartoons that much though. I like cartoons but he loves them, just like my dad loves soccer and will wake up at 5 in the morning to watch his team on the pc play on the other side of the world. The one good thing is that I like most of the cartoons he watches. I’m very partial to Batman and the Justice League but he’ll watch any Iron Man, Green Lantern, or Hulk cartoon or animated film he can get his hands on. I have never been able to like Spiderman too much, I didn’t really like any of the Tobey Maguire films and I was hopeful for the new one with Andrew Garfield but I actually fell asleep when we went to watch it. Mostly it was because I was too tired, but I think it also didn’t grab my attention much. I did feel the CGI was much better than the previous films. They did an amazing job with the spider webs, but story wise it was a little slow. There’s only two TV series I have liked of the boy bitten by the spider,  Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends from 1981 and the Ultimate Spider-Man from 2012. I have liked every Batman cartoon except for The Brave and The Bold, but even that one I can appreciate the different costumes he wore every episode. My favorite is a toss between The Animated Series and The Batman.

Admittedly, I’ve gotten much more into comics since my husband is so obsessed and I’m still glad he’s not into sports. He has been instrumental in my interest growing for Marvel characters, because before we met I was DC all the way. I loved the 90s The Animated Series of Batman. When they started mixing with Superman I didn’t like it as much but they both had the same look so I would still watch it. I’ve never liked X-Men The Animated Series from 1992, I can appreciate it but I like X-Men Evolution a lot more. I think that’s why I liked X-Men First Class so much. I adore The Super Hero Squad and Joss Whedon’s Avengers reminded me of that show.

I’d rather watch cartoons than sports matches, but somehow I feel like he’s getting out of hand! However, I understand that’s his hobby and his little escape from reality. I have my books, which I wish he’d get into as well but he says he doesn’t have as much imagination and that’s why he only reads comic books and graphic novels. I find comics hard to read for me, but I did enjoy following “American Vampire” for a while, also a series of X-Men that he insisted was flabbergasting and I agreed. Neither of us can read our books in paper form at this moment though. He is a perfectionist and does not like a single scratch on his comics and our daughter loves tearing paper whenever she sees it. So I have been confined to reading e-books and he has put his reading material away for storage until we can be certain she will respect his collection. My only beef with reading e-books is that sometimes the light from my pc or reader starts hurting my eyes, but I think when I read too much it hurts my eyes anyway. I do love to be able to have an app that can move my book from the pc to my phone or my reader.

Surprisingly, we’ve never been to Comic-Con, primarily because we are usually broke but also because my husband gets really anxious around crowds and I know they get big at the San Diego convention.

The ones I find harder to get into are the CGI shows. I just have trouble concentrating on the stories when the animation is not smooth. CGI has gotten much better and I don’t mean to criticize those who work in computer animation but I just think for now it fits cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Doc McStuffins which my daughter watches. I can’t really watch the Iron Man even though my husband swears by it. I can however watch The Green Lantern one since the stories are really good. So that’s how it goes in our house, a new animated series from DC o Marvel will come out and I have to decide whether to watch it or not, but I know for sure my husband will.


About denisefixcat

So this is my blog about basically being me and my adventures as a struggling writer, and mother to my beautiful and dangerously smarter than me daughter. My birth name is Denise but my friends call me Mini so this is basically why I've decided to call this blog De Mini Says. Sometimes I get things right, sometimes I get them utterly wrong, either way this is my attempt at making sense of it all. Since I enjoy music, art, technology, women's issues and cartoons, I also write about that and whatever comes up.

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